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SSCS Campus

Welcome to Seminole Science Charter School (SSCS), where Seminole County meets Science. Here at SSCS, we are grateful to have the opportunity to provide our students an inquiry-based, student-centered education using hands on activities and continuous progress monitoring. We strive to provide a safe, small size learning environment which promotes individual attention and differentiated education. Our staff believes that students will develop a more advanced learning ability if they are given engaging programs that foster higher order thinking skills and that are designed with their interests first.

SSCS is a tuition-free public charter school that serves students in grades K-5 in Seminole County. However, we will be adding grades each year to eventually expand to become a K-8 school. Our campus includes a state of the art media center and a computer lab. The media center provides twenty-four desktop computers. These computers allow students to research and access the internet. When students enter the computer lab for class, they have the chance to explore several aspects of computer science including coding and programing for Robotics Academy. With an additional twenty-four computers in our computer lab, children are taught coding and have the ability to explore Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Teachers are able to utilize IPads in their classrooms for research purposes and other instructional expenditures. SSCS’ campus has multiple internet access points throughout campus. SSCS is one of the few schools with elementary grades in Seminole County that has an indoor gymnasium. Our fully air-conditioned gym is equipped to allow students to play basketball, volleyball and other various sports. Students enjoy playing outside on the playground and basketball court. Our cafeteria also serves as our multipurpose room. Students are given the opportunity to participate in study hall, celebrations and more in this location.  Students enjoy our school's “real” science lab. The science lab is equipped with six circular stations with a sink. This allows the students to work in groups while they explore all that our S.T.E.M curriculum has to offer.

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