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Odyssey of the Mind competed in the Magic Center Regional Tournament

O of the mind logoThis past weekend, the students from Odyssey of the Mind competed in the Magic Center Regional Tournament.  The tournament was held at Edgewater High School in Orlando.  The students were required to choose a long term problem, which they worked on since September.  All of the team members created a set, costumes, and wrote an entire play in order to portray the problem they had chosen.  All of the students did a fantastic job portraying their character and acting out the solution to their long term problem.  The students also had to participate in a random problem solving challenge, which was entirely unknown to them.  Students were taken to a room, tasked with a challenge and time limit, and told to perform the challenge.  Team members had to work together to build a solution to their challenge as well as describe their original creation to the judges.  I am EXTREMELY proud of the work the scholars put in to their performance this year, and I am looking forward to working with all of these students again next year on a new challenge!

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