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MathLeague Second Round at OSS

1988We had our second MathLeague round on November 17th at Orlando Science. It went really well and our kids did a great job representing our school!

In elementary we had:


3rd Grade

- Soham J. 2nd Place

- Aarush V. 6th Place


5th Grade

- Andrew N. 1st Place

- Advay B. 2nd Place

- Maxim M. 4th Place


6th Grade

- Yael M. 1st Place

- Soumya B. 2nd Place

- Amit P. 5th Place


Our kids also took first place in the team round!

In middle school we had:


6th Grade

- Da'ron S. 1st Place

- Udeshya S. 2nd Place

- Meghna V. 3rd Place

- Om T. 5th Place


8th Grade

- Lokaghna B. 1st Place


Our team took 2nd overall and Da'ron S. took third place among all the students as he succeed in the Countdown Round!

We are very proud of our mathematicians! Go Stingrays!!