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Science Olympiad team took home 1st Place!

science olympiadScience Olympiad News: Our Middle School Science Olympiad team took home 1st Place in the Silver Division at the Orlando Science Invitational on Saturday October 27th! These amazing Stingrays took home nine 1st place ribbons, five 2nd place ribbons, one 3rd place ribbon, and seven fourth place ribbons for a total of 22 ribbons out the 23 events! We are proud of our Science Olympiad Stingrays and can't wait to see what this year has in store for them as their scientific minds continue to grow! Congratulations to the team and to the following students:

1st Place Ribbons and First Overall: Experimental Design - Soumya B., Da'ron S., Nihar S.
Thermodynamics - Nikhil D. & Lokaghna B.  
Boomilever - Anwitha S. & Shritha B.
2nd Place Ribbons and Second Overall: Potions and Poisons - Shruti L. & Franceska B.  
Road Scholar: Siddharth K. & Udeshya S.
Boomilever: Shriya C. & Madison P.
1st Place Ribbons: Circuit Lab: Nikhil D. & Om T.
Density Lab: Soumya B. & Da'ron S.
Dynamic Planet: Franceska B. & Madison P.
Herpetology: Anwith S & Shriya C
Roller Coaster: Amit P. & Parshva P.
Meteorology - Meghna V. & Lokaghna B.
2nd Place Ribbons: Crime Busters - Franceska B. & Shruti L.
Water Quality - Janice S. & Lokaghna B.

3rd Place Ribbons: Fossils - Olivia B. & Janice S.

4th Place Ribbons: Disease Detectives - Awwitha S. & Shritha B
Game On - Parshva P. & Amit P. 
Heredity - Aniya K. & Shurti L.
Meteorology - Meghna V. & Lokaghna B.
Solar System - Janice S. 7 Olivia B.
Write it Do It - Udeshya S. & Meghna V.  
Meteorology - Nihar S. & Parshva P


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